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aionkinah365:Wildstar Gardening Guide - How to plant and grow crops

In this Wildstar video I show you how to start your gardening experience in WildStar. How to plant and grow crops in WildStar. plant and grow crops allows us to get a lot of items, wildstar platinum, Sell crops exchange wildstar paltinum and buy equipment, items, weapons, etc. 


what's going on guys fuck see here and I want to go over gardening in wild start today

now this is a pretty simple feature final on people don't know really how to

access it or use their seeds that they've collected while leveling

so for siRNA wanna do is head over to your house in Ponte want you they're

going to want to build a garden now

you don't need a fat kid or anything fancy to do this the tier 1

all you'll need is some currency I believe it's just a few gold actually

it's what you wanna do is just plop down let it build him once it's up to see

some patches a fertile ground

missus we're gonna wanna put the CD collected so

all you have to do is click on the fertile ground open your bag right click

on your seed in OB planet

now when you look at the Siegel actually tell you how long it's gonna take now

that is in minutes

I thought I was seconds maybe myself in waiting it wasn't as a

our man to like 70 minutes L

yea at the wait some time one thing to mention is if you keep your plants

unique don't repay regarding in actually becomes broken

you won't lose your plants but they will become wilted and you won't feel to

gather anything from a min tilly repair your garden

after that I believe will be fine in you can harvest them

humor note on that is you can actually over grow your plants

now my quite sure on how long it'll even there over the time limit to make them overgrown

but from what I've researched people have said you'll get a lot more seeds or

at least and make sure seeds

and some material from now plan harvested one server grown

now this could be bad and good so maybe don't need it on a seeds

or maybe do want some seed cell my suggestion is to have

wanna sprout lean that you let overgrown and this is because

to continue harvesting a scene plants now this CD time from going around the

world collection amor even spend the money on the marketplace

that's pretty much Carney is actually quite simple disallowed people really

don't know how to break into later

where to do it at a rate that even exists but that is it

pretty cool stuff enjoy a garden play around with a member if you wanna break

up your garden to make it better

you do the fat kid so it'll be a garden fat kid Rafferty r1

to tear to you will need a fat kid not quite sure you get that either cuz

I've never got one I don't think but by some kinda random drop

or maybe even bought from the renowned vendor or things like that

but that wraps up the guide for the Guardian I hope you guys enjoy it if you

find any cool little secrets or

things that you want to share that I am I not have covered so the comments below

and I will make sure to give a thumbs up myself

in speaking thumbs make sure he hit that like button and subscribe for more wildstar

again I'm vaccine and I'll see you next video

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