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Aion Elite mobs and quests simple introduction

When grouping for the Elite mobs and quests in Aion, you may be called on Sleep a marked target. Make sure that you know which mark is yours, and be ready to re-Sleep if necessary. While a good tank will be aware of crowd-controlled mobs and grab them as they become available, you as a dps level are responsible for your own safety.

For Elite level mobs and bosses, you will be juggling your two DoT cool downs, making sure to keep both ticking on the mob at all times, while peppering it with DD (direct-damage) spells. This is where your 'rotation' as such is more accurately defined as 'spell prioritization.' Use the following logic in order to decide what to cast in game

- Does either DoT need to be reapplied? If yes, apply DoT, if no,
- Is Flame Harpoon off of cooldown? If yes, use FH. If no,
- Is Ice Chain off of cooldown? If yes, use IC. If no,

- Use Flame Bolt / Blaze

This may sound difficult, but with a little practice you will get into a rhythm and know at a glance which spell to use at any given moment. Keep in mind that Ice Chain should still be a part of your rotation, but avoid Frozen Shock when it procs - your tank will appreciate not having his target knocked back out of his melee range.