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Aion of same status introduction

Reaching level 9 automatically queues up the ascension quest for your chosen faction. This huge step in your leveling brings about a ton of changes, primarily the gift of your wings. Your Sorcerer, while still confined to cloth armor, will now be able to choose between carrying a Spellbook or an Orb as her weapon of choice. Like the books, Orbs are carried mainly for their boosting stats but they are also capable of dealing a small amount of short range physical damage. Orbs generally offer slightly more Magic Boost and less Magical Accuracy than Spellbooks, while providing an additional bonus to maximum MP.

 For Aion, You will still be looking for the same stats as in your early levels, with Knowledge and Will leading the pack. Now that you have gained your wings and the flight ability, manastones and other gear-enhancing items that extend your maximum flight time are good for all classes.

You may have also noticed the green bar below your HP and MP bars - this is your DP, or Divine Power. DP accumulates while you are fighting either the Balaur or monsters, and is lost upon death and logging out of the game. Certain abilities require DP, including your new Morph Substance ability and either Celestial Word (Elyos) or pandaemonium focus. Deciding when to unleash your accumulated DP is an important strategical component to the game.