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Aion of star

Because the star of Aion is now a bottleneck to kill! Use new methods to fight the Star bow! Second bow kill from an early age has begun! Now with a little bit difficult to lift the bow shock seconds, but the absolute edge of accounting starting hands, would not be so hard! Why? See the following theory:

Immediately after the lifting of Anxi, followed by flash backward cut it. Wow is not it depressing? Oh, in fact, the lifting of the bow with the other tube, with a maximum cut he is it, if he dared to use the skills after the lifting of the impact, then the direct use of the roaring beast he kicked back. Kick back with a roar this method must be conscious, as long as the flash of the sound or hear people light a moment it must come back with a roar 1,2-kick.

Not get away. But there is a malpractice is to lift the bow shock after the shooting non-stop! This would need to meet the skills and character the way! There is also a play is to trap or release of the impact of sleep after the arrow. Trap can avoid breaking contract, sleep arrows can also be used to avoid the contract broken! But the focus must be avoided at the time to seconds, then bow star and Strange play here.