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Aion Shugo Introduction

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The Shugo is a merchant race in the world of Aion. You can find these friendly creatures in workshops, and trading areas.

The Shugo are friendly to both the Elyos and Asmodians. They are a neutral race, and are well-known for their sense of economics and at some points, greed. They generally they take up occupations such as Bankers, Vendors, and Merchants.

The Shugo are also known for their ability to expand the cube to grant more inventory space, for a price.

Shugo's renounced for their expertise in technology and is responsible for much of the technological advancement that has taken place throughout Atreia.

During the Millennium Wars, the Shugo used their cunning to take control of commerce within the cities, which can be seen by the prevalence of Shugo throughout the world, including the capital city's of both the Asmodian as well as the Elyos.

As time passed, a group of Shugo smuggled items between the Abyss to both worlds. These Shugo are known as the Dark Cloud. This group is much less friendly than the majority of the Shugo race.