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Albion System Guide: Housing System And Laborer In Albion Online

Building your own house in Albion Online is a significant step, but, for Albion housing system, it isn't going to be only about having a house that is decorated, there are no purpose, its looks is important as well. Hence, the laborer system was developed by the developers team, it fills it with purpose. More lattest news and guides, click here.



How to Leveling Laborers

Laborers level up by performing tasks. The more tasks they do, the more experience they will gain, and once they’ve gained enough experience they will be ready to level up. By upgrading your laborers, they will perform better, they will give you more resources for each task you give them, and they will be able to give you better resources. Leveling them up, however, comes at a cost.


How Laborers and Journal Work

Laborers can perform various tasks for you, which is allow you to suit them to your playstyle. For instance, if you are a gatherer, probably, you are eager to fill your house with gathering laborers. People who cut wood, or gather stone, or gather iron ore. To give a task to a laborer, you will need to give them a journal. A journal is an item you can acquire in an empty state from the laborer himself. 


Increasing Laborers Happiness

Much like in real life, you need to keep your workers happy in Albion online. If you’ve got some laborers then they’re going to have certain requirements. They’re going to want a decent bed and a decent table. However, there are a lot of ways to go beyond this. For example, by placing trophies which are specific to the laborers interests, you can increase their happiness. In Albion, gamers can't help buying albion online gold at u4gm.