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Different Types Of Aion

Aion can play now becomes just to discuss, they will not discuss the limits of property and equipment, and assuming that the other side of the large balance of cooling. Stealth upper hand pattern engraving - engraving chain pattern, the process moves ran out, the two best under the natural engraved engraved success. Magic Way to avoid the contract and then get the upper hand engraving, Magic Way increasingly difficult to fight, seems the attack is not successful, then become a disadvantage.

This time the other party has locked you out of the general skills, and immediately Anxi, to target each other's loss, explosion or beast look even be daisy what caused a 3-order chop chop . See each other a run with the lifting of the impact of our way.  We have xanthate, with avoidance skills, there is still a shock to lift, then a few seconds to run away success rate should not be low level. They leak opening bonus damage state, and finally the most important to remember to contract rapidly and hit open. If you can open to the state, there's little balance each other, but also almost ineffective over. Lucky again successfully hidden roundabout, the other side again lost goals, or even kill the Star bow star superior eye open there eyes open, about seconds slow movement skills. If we cut this time there are spiral or 3000DP 4000DP shadow cloak.