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Elyos Leveling Guide Recommendations

To walk you through the dangerous perils, Duddlinerk the Shugo and Pinky the Elyos will be teaming up to bring advice and humor along the way.



Known for his love of fungen caps and long walks on the beach, Duddlinerk also has a habit of getting in to Jackdaw’s Rum when the clock strikes 2.



Don’t let her boisterous ways fool you, Pinky offers up oodles of good advice and is renown for putting the smack down on Asmodians to let off steam.




Inggison Awaits!



 Go to the new area, Balaurea!

 Level 51: Solo Instance - Taloc’s Hollow

 Level 52: Group Instances - Udas Temple, Lower Udas Temple

 Level 52: Greater Stigma Expansion Quest

 Learn new Skills and Stigmas