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FFXIV Free Trial Allows Players Try Initial Contents Up To Level 35

Miss the Final Fantasy XIV? Well incidentally, Square Enix is holding a free login campaign that is effective for 4 days!


Playing a sub-based online game certainly makes one's own problems for customers with thin pockets. This time, Square Enix held a Free Login Campaign for their most popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.



As a MMORPG developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV is certainly one of the most popular MMORPGs that can be juxtaposed with Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The content is extensive and interesting graphics make gamers interested to try this one MMORPG.


Of course, Square Enix does not arbitrarily force players to pay some money if they want to try FFXIV. Through the free trial, players can try the initial contents of A Realm Reborn expansion up to level 35!


And interestingly, players can try all the content for free without time limit. With this method, Square Enix has managed to attract players to try to finally buy this game. But of course, there is little problem with the system implemented by Square Enix.


With you buying base games including expansions like Heavensward and Stormblood, you still have to pay some money to play in a matter of months! Prices are also not pegged cheap, you have to pay up to Rp 400,000 just to play for two months.


Sometimes, this itself makes the players forced to quit FFXIV after they do not have enough money to continue their monthly subscription. The author himself was also forced to stop after paying a price that is not cheap for Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition.


If you are one of those players who have stopped for a long time, then this time is the right time for you to feel the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! Through the Free Login Campaign, you will be given 4 days to re-feel the beauty of Eorzea!


Free Login Campaign has been held since a few days ago and this event will be held until 6 May. Just login to FFXIV, then you automatically get 96 hours of free access that you can enjoy for 4 days only. FFXIV4GIL customers! Have you ever used discount code on FFXIV4GIL to get cheaper deals? We are sure that most of your answer is YES since FFXIV4GIL offers long existing codes to you all, such as 2% off code for Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Now, a group of discount codes will be available soon on FFXIV4GIL and the biggest discount is 5% off.