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Guides for training at level 10 in Aion!

Once you accept hit akin 10 you accept becoming the adeptness to fly. Its actual absorbing to see the appearance advance and boring apprentice about her accomplished in assorted cut scenes displayed during quests. Flying in Aion is belted to assertive areas. This is to accomplish abiding that players are still exploring the apple of Atreia. The starting breadth Poeta and Sanctum bind chargeless flight but acquiesce gliding.

Verteron will be the aboriginal breadth you appointment that allows chargeless flight about the capital town. Upon accession at Verteron and accepting quests you will realise that flight is an basic allotment of Aion and abounding quests from now on crave this adeptness to access items or locate assorted NPCs to complete the quests. The surrounding bank breadth of Verteron is accessible to chargeless flight about accumulate in apperception of your timer for how continued you can break up in the air, if the timer runs out you could be falling to your death.

If this does appear you can bound tap the spacebar and you should coast down to safety. Another affair to buck in apperception is that there are aswell airy walls akin chargeless flight into added areas of Verteron so dont be abashed if you bang into one of these walls. The best way to apprentice which areas acquiesce flight is to analysis out the wings figure on the toolbar, if the wings are accent again chargeless flight is allowed.