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Madden 22: The complete guide to celebrate, taunt, event, exhibition

In the Madden NFL 22 game, have you thought about adding something special? Abandon the tension in the game and worry about earning Madden coins, so as to get some pleasant operations. Thanks to Madden 22's celebration, ridicule and show off. This includes celebrating big bags, interceptions, or first failures. If you want to know how to celebrate in Madden 22 so that you can taunt your opponent before you score. So here are the relevant control guidelines you must know.


Madden 22: How to celebrate/taunt?

Madden 22 celebrations and taunts enable gamers to add exclamation points to big games, just like numerous NFL stars do. After a massive game, such as sacking, interception, 1st fall, or touchdown, it is possible to celebrate the match in four unique strategies. A menu of celebration solutions will pop up on the screen, prompting you to create a decision.


Making use of the ideal stick from the controller, you could execute any with the following operations:

  • For Swagger/First Down celebrations-press the proper joystick up.
  • Carry out a dance celebration-press the proper joystick to the appropriate.
  • For Spike or Flex celebrations-press the correct joystick.
  • Carry out a signature celebration-press the right joystick towards the left.


You could not be celebrated every time you defend or run/receive the ball, but you need always to see this option every time you score. Take into account that these solutions will keep on the screen for any brief time, and for those who wait as well lengthy to trigger, you won't have the ability to carry out any actions.



Madden 22: How to celebrate an event/exhibition match?

The celebration in Madden 22 is various because you can do it with a player who has gone off the defense and is on the court. Usually, you would like to visit the finish zone with the defender behind you.


Press the L2 on the PlayStation controller or the LT button around the Xbox controller if you run for the finish zone.


You'll not be able to select a specific celebration performed by your players, so it will likely be presented randomly. Possibilities will involve operating at higher strides or waving for the defender as you move towards the end zone.




Final but not least, you may also cap off a touchdown run by diving into the finish zone. To accomplish this, hold down the Square on the PlayStation controller as you will be just close to the objective line. Hold down X around the Xbox controller to perform the dive.


Check out the video beneath to overview the celebration run and diving solutions to celebrate your plays.