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New Level 52 Group Instance - Udas Temple

Udas Armor Sets have a unique appearance.


Ding 52! I feel the power of Aion surging through me…I’m unstoppable!

Is there a new dungeon, or someplace I can test myself?


Brave Daevas can go to Udas Temple.

 Divided in to two floors of varying difficulty and offering two dungeons, Daeva will have opportunity to choose what you would like to do- Udas Temple is a gathering house for Fanatics who worship the Balaur Lord Udas. It has a 1st floor and 2nd floor, but is considered a single Instance Dungeon as far as story and rewards. The 1st floor is named Udas Temple and the 2nd and more difficult floor is Lower Udas Temple. Both have different entrance hours.

Killing monsters in Udas Temple or attacking the dungeon will score you a significant amount of AP. Also, Named Monsters that appear inside the dungeon drop a variety of Fabled grade items and Eternal grade accessories. It is an alluring location if you want new equipment.

The Fabled armor and weapon sets from Udas Temple drops from Named Monsters in both Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple.