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Path Of Exile: Do You Have A Witch Character That Uses Spark

Pure classes is focused by all players of Path of Exile, with a wide variety of skill and attribute combinations to choose from, the player base has come up with all sorts of builds, and some of them are a cut above the rest. In Path of Exile, you can specify your weapon and main skill type and see combined totals for all relevant stat increases like damage, crit, attack or cast speed and more. Let's see this game's pure classes and more related information, more news and tricks of Path of Exile, you can go to website at any time. 



The Witch uses ranged elemental magic to deal damage and employs a barrier to deflect it. She can use Wands, Fabric armor and Robes.


The Marauder is a behemoth, being able to both take a lot of punishment and dish it out. He is capable of using large, two-handed Axes and Swords and heavy armor such as Plate Mail and Tower Shields. 


The Ranger is the most evasive of the classes, being able to dodge the majority of attacks while either taking enemies out at a distance with her bow, or close-up with a quick one - or two-handed weapon. She makes the most use of Leather and Hide armor.


Do you have a Witch character that uses Spark? Or Fire? This support build can make them 145% better- at least. Admittedly it's not as useful for Physical-damage oriented characters, since it's lacking the 50% resistance decrease, but there are a plethora of curses available to help regardless, and that's excluding the benefits of freezing opponents. In Path of Exile, you can also select the best poe buy currency seller like U4GM and it can help you a lot.