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Ranger Solo and Group Play In Aion

Solo Play

Much like the Assassin, the Ranger relies on a steady amount of offensive damage in order to defeat foes. However, most of this is done at long range with a bow before needing to get up close and personal. The various effects that can be placed with traps for use on opponents allows the Ranger to slow or damage enemies, keeping them at bay while unleashing a myriad of archery skills. Skilled soloists can even defeat most enemies with their sniping skills before ever having to switch to daggers or swords.

However, one must be vigilant, as Rangers are not helpless without a bow and can damage opponents easily with melee weapons. Evasion is the key to survival as a Ranger, as Leather Armor does not mitigate damage effectively.

Group Play

In group play, the Ranger has two roles to play. The major role is helping in dealing damage while a tank contains an opponent. This means he can stand back and let loose his variety of archery skills, while using its enmity-reducing skills to keep from pulling the enemy away from the tank.

The second role is to assist with controlling any extra enemies with skills that hold or sleep targets such as Sleep Arrow or Entangling Arrow. This allows a group to pull more than a single creature and still be able to focus on one before moving to the next. However, just as with other such skills, these tend to cause large amounts of enmity that will need to be negated with skills like Calming Whisper.