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Tips for teaching you how to choose Xeno Bow or PA in Aion

As we see the Xeno Bow or PA are actual accepted in Aion. So it accept catechism to accept one amid them if you dont accept abundant kinah to try two on your character. For new players they wish to play the best appearance in this game.

Such as you've completed the Xeno alternation and am apprehensive if the Xeno PA is a aces upgrade? Looking at the two items you may don't apperceive that the Xeno weapon looks all that bigger or PA looks better. We anticipate it's a tiny accession in all stats and agnosticism whether that's account the accident of extendability. So you may gut activity is to just accumulate application Kromedes and aces up the Xeno Bow for pvp use on your switch.

Is this the appropriate affair to do though? For a absolutely noob and conceivably the Xeno PA is a bigger advancement than he anticipate it is. Is it overrating extendability? Is Kromedes adapted 45-50? Are there any added options you should be aiming for added than grinding. Is it accomplish your appearance akin up faster?

As we apperceive you can get the bow. And you can save up money for the able PA or a new weapon, xeno extra is useless. You can acutely hit humans from a ambit if your carve is on CD with a greatsword/PAGlads with bows. It is not absolutely told in this game. Since you already accept the Krom gold spear, get the Xeno Bow. It'll be one of your best bows (needed for pvp situations) accessible for "free.