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Two-handed Of Weapons In Aion

For Primary weapon is chosen for its Appearance and Characteristics and then combined with the stats extracted from a Secondary weapon, so Fusion of two-handed weapons is a sort of stat extraction. The two-handed weapons must be the same type (Greatsword + Greatsword, or Orb + Orb), and the secondary weapon is destroyed once combined with the primary.
There is no chance for failure. The Fusion may be undone, restoring the Primary weapon to its original state. The secondary weapon is not returned. This process is known as Armsbreaking. Armsfusion can be completed by visiting an Armsfusion Officer located in each race's capital city and paying a fee. The Fusion of two-handed weapons is executed through an Armsfusion Officer. For Elyos, the Armsfusion Officer is located in Sanctum's Elyos Square. For Asmodians, the Officer is located in the Pandaemonium Market Street. The same NPC will also be able to remove Fusion from a weapon.

Secondary Weapon:  A weapon which is consumed to enhance the primary weapon by donating a portion of its stats, as well as its manastone sockets.
Primary Weapon:  A weapon which is enhanced by receiving the stats of another weapon.

The two weapon types must match. The secondary weapon's level, no matter the rarity of each, should be equal to or below the primary. Just have fun in Aion.