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How Do You Do Animation Cancelling in Path of Exile

The following problems have bothered me for quite some time. These are issues other action games, and other action RPGs, specifically have sovled and there is no reason PoE can't, either. With the skill gem adjustment coming I felt this was a great time to address these problems.



1) PoE needs attack animation cancelling.

Most modern games allows the player to bypass some portion of the closing animations for most attacks. PoE feels "clunky" because once any attack starts you are required to watch your character finish before other movement or actions are taken. 


2) PoE needs command queuing.

Queuing is the second part of why controls in PoE can feel awful sometimes. This is especially important in online games where pings can fluctuate wildly. Smart command buffering is best. 


3) Some defensive skills and buffs need to be non-animation based.

Probably the most obvious of these are Vaal Buffs. Currently the animation is required for any of these skills to begin. 


4) Movement skills need to have priority.

In PoE, like any action RPG, position matters. Players need to be able to move quickly to survive and maximize damage. Currently, if a move command is input after another attack command begins they can simply never happen. 


Coming from Dota 2, animation cancelling is the biggest thing I miss. You know you're gonna die but you cannot react due to being locked in your animation. This is one of the reasons that high attack speed builds are more survivable, there are more opportunities to use your movement skills between attacks.


Also, the common requests of allowing us to disable name locking and enable stationary attack are things that really need to be introduced. I'm sick of moving onto a boss with a large hitbox when I try to avoid it. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe currency trade with instant delivery.