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Which Class To Play Is Best For PoE Sunder

In Path of Exile, if you want to play sunder as a starter for the may flashback race but you are not sure which class/ascendancy to play. Juggernaut, slayer, champion or berserker, which is the best? If you want to be able to clear all content quickly and map decently. So which one should you choose?
In fact, you can literally play any class through maps for sunder. The skill is super solid and doesn't need any ascendancy for it to be viable deep into maps. I leveled jugg sunder to 75 ish and it was super smooth, pathfinder sunder smooth as well.
Basically I'd say there is no real “best”, unlike poe trade currency, so either play the one you personally enjoy the playstyle the most, or pick the class that goes best with the next build you want to play so you don't have to level again if you get bored. 
Slayer - overleech is great
Good damage added if you want to go 2h or else really nice qol with the immunities and big free hp regen. 20% cull is effectively 25% super MORE multiplier so the damage is instantly great. Free perm onslaught when mapping. Juicy.
Champion - easy gearing
Easier to go crit with the free 100% accuracy, probably best damage potential, can move into reave / bf later for more endgame scaling.
Pathfinder - good ele damage scaling and flask bonuses (durr)
Elemental status immunities so you can use ToH + wise oak + atziri + Lions roar, and a staunch flask. Nearly full conversion is probably the way to go? Also you can change into any other ele attack build if you get bored of sunder.
I don't think berzerker does anything better than champion at this point, could be wrong. There is probably a good combo of scion you could do but idk what that is.