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Lost Ark: The complete guide to wild wing island event

Lost Ark's May update brought a ton of new content, including a new Guardian Raid and a Legion raid that requires you to be item level 1415 or higher to participate. This is not a prime number, and to help players out, the developers of Lost Ark have added a new event on Wildwing Island. This island has a variety of daily quests that allow you to earn Chicken Festival Coins, which could be redeemed for Lost Ark  rewards this kind of as sharpening resources.



To get to Wildwing Isle, head to the harbor near East Luterra or Anikka. From there, sail to the location below, close to two continents:


  • Revenge of the chicken!
  • Cleanse with your heart
  • Daily success festival
  • Wild Wing Island event rewards
    • Special Sales
    • Honing materials


As soon as arriving on the island, you do not want to sail there again. Instead, you can use the "Ocean Liner Boarding" feature, which allows you to travel to different destinations instantly. On the island, you will notice three different quests that you can take part in two cooperative investigations that are updated hourly and one daily pursuit.


Note: You need to travel to the island on different characters if you have alts. You cannot send characters there who have not yet visited this island.



Revenge of the chicken!


You have to turn into a chicken in this humorous co-op quest and team up against the powerful chicken boss. Collect eggs around the map to turn yourself into a bit of chicken. Then use your mighty chicken powers to defeat the big boss. Defeating this boss will give you 900 Chicken Festival Coins, so it's essential to do this every day.

As a chicken, all your skills are replaced by special abilities. Your Q is a simple forward kick, and your W makes you peck quickly five times. Your E is a dash that deals damage, and your R allows you to get out of that clumsy transformation. Your attacks will deal 999 damage, which is low, but the boss isn't that strong, and this boss isn't a threat.

This event starts at the beginning of every hour (14:00, 15:00, 16:00, etc.).



Cleanse with your heart


In this case, you need to play the Hearts Melody song inside the circle of eggs that appears on the map. All players on the map will have to play the song together 100 times. After the event ends, you will receive 100 Chicken Festival Coins.

This event starts 5 minutes before every hour (13:55, 14:55, 15:55, etc.). It's a good idea to get to Wildwing Isle to complete this quest and defeat the boss.



Daily success festival

This easy daily quest requires you to catch ten netted chickens. The chickens are scattered around the map, and you have to throw a net at them using F5. You can see more than one chicken in one throw if they are well grouped.

This daily prize will earn you 200 Chicken Festival Coins.



Wild Wing Island event rewards


Special Sales

Price Purchase limit Number of purchases Goods
10 7 1 Tasty Chicking
10 7 1 Irresistible draft beer
500 4 1 Chicking Crest Chest
30 1 1 Legendary Chest of Rapport
20 3 1 Unas Tasks [Daily] Instant Complete Pass
20 3 1 Una#s tasks [daily] +1
20 5 1 Coin selection chest for swimming
20 5 1 Brilliant Bloodtalon Coin
20 5 1 Creation Fragment
20 20 1 Legendary and #uncommon card set
3 200 1 Legendary Card Pack
10 1 1
20 2 1 Regulus light currency chest
75 1 1 [T1] [Event] Metallurgy: Basic Casting
15 5 1 [T1] [Event] Tailoring Basic Design
75 1 1 [T2] ​​[Event] Metallurgy: Basic Casting
15 5 1 [T2] ​​[Event] Tailoring: Basic Design
100 1 1 [T3] [Event] Metallurgy: Basic Casting
20 5 1 [T3] [Event] Tailoring: Basic Design





Honing materials

Price Purchase limit Number of purchases Subject
20 3 3 Pouch of Shards of Harmony (M)
20 3 3 Pouch of Life Shards (M)
30 3 3 Honor Shard Pouch (M)
15 4 20 Leap of Harmony (related)
20 15 4 Stone of Life (linked)
25 15 4 Stone of Honor (Bound)
50 6 5 Great Honor Stone (Bound)
20 4


5 Star Breath (related)
20 4 5 Breath of the Moon (related)
15 10 6 Solar Brace (linked)
20 10 2 Solar Blessing ( Bound)
30 5 1 Sun protection (Bound)
20 10 50 Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound)
20 10 50 Destruction Stone (Bound)
25 20 25 Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound)
20 10 150 Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound)
20 10 150 Guardian Stone (bound)
25 20 75 Guardian Crystal (Bound)